(Ab)using the Cold War

I just installed Ghost, and wanted to write something to test it out. So in the theme of my upcoming Titanfall 2 writeup, here's a guide on how to use the Cold War. It'll be pretty short because it's 2 AM and I'm tired as fuck. I'm assuming you've played the game and know enough about it.

The one thing you need to know about the Cold War: it's an AOE (Area Of Effect) grenadier. The magazine holds 12 bolts, but unless you just started using the gun you'd be insane not to use an extended magazine, because each pull of the trigger shoots four bolts. Now, these bolts are heavily affected by bullet drop, so you'll need to aim your shots carefully. Since it's an AOE weapon, hitting an enemy directly actually does less damage than hitting a wall adjacent to them. So you're always going to want to aim next to the enemy instead of at them.

Titanfall is a very mobile FPS, so everyone is moving at a few thousand miles per hour, including you. You'll need to learn to predict your opponent's movements, and time your shots perfectly so you shoot at the surface they'll hit right before they hit it.

The Cold War is best used in the air at high speeds. You can pull off some pretty easy hit n' runs with it. It's best paired with the grapple tactical, which will let you get some good height and hit some easy shots. I also use the arc grenade, so just in case you didn't finish someone off with the first burst or you want to make certain that they stand still long enough to get shot. And for the ultimate loadout, equip the amped weapons boost. It'll turn the Cold War into a pre-nerf killing machine.

Now, let me finish off with the best defence against the Cold War: EVERYTHING IS LAVA. The Cold War is rendered completely useless if there's no surfaces to hit. Just try to stay in the air long enough to kill them before you hit the ground and you're golden.

Thanks for reading my blog post.